2014 Online Registration is available now.
All tickets below are for sale at the door.
All competitors must purchase a weekend pass.

All Weekend Tickets

$115 Basic Weekend Pass (All events except daytime workshops)
$160 Gold Weekend Pass (includes unlimited workshops)

Entry Fees
Jack & Jill $25 per entry
Strictly Swing & Hustle $35 per couple
ProAm Swing & Hustle $35 per couple
Choreography (Rising Star, ProAm Spotlight, Team, Cabaret) $70 per entry

Individual session tickets & onsite items (at the door pricing)
These items will be for sale at the door only - You may not pre order them!
The information is included here for your planning purposes.

$15 Thursday Night Pass (includes 8pm workshops)
$25 Friday Pass (11am -7pm)
$35 Friday Night Pass (includes 7pm workshops)
$25 Saturday Pass (10am-7pm)
$35 Saturday Night Pass (includes 7pm workshops)
$35 Sunday pass (includes Sunday night)
$15 Sunday Night (includes 7pm workshop) Available at the door only
$15 individual Workshops (before 7pm - requires day or basic weekend pass)

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