2014 Online Registration is available now. Discounts end July 25th.
All competitors must purchase a weekend pass.

Discounted All Weekend Tickets
$99 Basic Pass
$149 Gold Pass (unlimited daytime workshops)
$75 Student Gold Pass (full time, undergrads, under 25)
$75 Internatinoal Gold Pass (must reside outside the USA)

Discounted Entry Fees
Jack & Jill $20 per entry
Strictly Swing & Hustle $30 per couple
ProAm Swing & Hustle $30 per couple
Choreography (Rising Star, ProAm Spotlight, Team, Cabaret) $60 per entry

Individual session tickets & onsite items (at the door pricing)
These items will be for sale at the door only. You may not pre order them.
The informatino is included here for your planning purposes.

$25 Friday Pass (11am -7pm)
$35 Friday Night Pass (includes 7pm workshop)
$25 Saturday Pass (10am-7pm)
$35 Saturday Night Pass (includes 7pm workshop)
$35 Sunday pass (includes Sunday night)
$15 Sunday Night (includes 7pm workshop) Available at the door only
$15 individual Workshops (before 7pm - requires day or basic weekend pass)
$115 Basic Weekend Pass (All events except daytime workshops)
$160 Gold Weekend Pass (includes unlimited workshops)

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